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Truth and Science

Truth and Science

Truth and Science
by Rudolf Steiner

(GA 3)
Translated by William Lindeman

Rudolf Steiner’s Ph.D. thesis and “prelude” to The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity begins with the sentence: “By analyzing the act of knowledge in a way that goes back to its basic elements, the following discussion has the task of correctly formulating the problem that knowledge poses, and of indicating the path to a solution of it.”


Preliminary Remarks

Kant's Basic Epistemological Question
Epistemology Since Kant
The Starting Points of Epistemology
Knowing and Reality
Epistemology Free of Presuppositions and Fichte's Theory of Science
Final Epistemological Reflections
Final Practical Reflections

80 pages.
21 x 14 cms. 8 x 5 1/2 inches.

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