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WP6957 The Twelve Senses

WP6957 The Twelve Senses

The Twelve Senses
A book of poems by David Donaldson.

Our senses: the means by which we come to experience the world about us and within us.
Buy why twelve, not five? Because viewing the world through five senses alone misses out so much of what we actually sense and experience.
The twelve senses presented here give us a far more rounded picture of who we are. It's an expanded perspective which better equips us to understand the world - to see into the life of things, as Wordsworth put it - and to be better prepared to see our way through the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.

A Wynstones Press title
54 pages.
21 x 14.8 cms, 8¼ x 6 inches.

ISBN 9780946206957

Cover illustration by David Newbatt.

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