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And the Earth becomes a Sun - The Mystery of the Resurrection

And the Earth becomes a Sun - The Mystery of the Resurrection

And the Earth becomes a Sun - The Mystery of the Resurrection
by Sergei Prokofieff

In the transformation of the physical body through Christ, the seed for the future spiritualization of the world was laid, and through the re-creation of the phantom, the ego of the human being finds its redemption. The appearance of the young man at the grave (Mark 16.5) is testimony to the cosmic process in which the earth will gradually be transformed into a new sun. The connection of Christ to the earth’s aura during the period of darkness on the Golgotha Hill, established the basis by which people since then can always find him during their lives on earth. By Christ going through death, something meaningful was given to the world, not only for humanity, but also for the gods, or hierarchies.

This new publication is a continuation of the book written by Sergei Prokofieff The Mystery of the Resurrection in the Light of Anthroposophy, published in 2008. In studying Rudolf Steiner’s work, many questions arise which warrant further research, where Rudolf Steiner only suggests a direction in which the subject may be carried forward. This can be seen especially in the field of anthroposophical Christology. In researching this subject the many questions which arise can lead to one being confronted with either contradictions or unresolvable problems, but on studying the work again later, these may suddenly become clear, resulting in completely new and surprising perspectives. Some of these new perspectives will be found in And the Earth becomes a Sun.

From the contents page:


I. The Divine and Human Aspects of Christ Jesus – the Son of God and the Son of Man
The Earthly and the Heavenly Meal
The Five Agape Organs of the Resurrection Body
Three Stages in the Perceiving of the Resurrection Body –
by John, Paul and the Other Disciples

II. The Sun Mystery of the Last Supper
The Last Supper and the Future Mysteries of Mankind
The Mystery of the Ebionite Stream
The Last Supper and the Three Stages of the Mystery of Golgotha
The Last Supper in accordance with the Rite of Melchizedek
(a philological study)

III. The Blood of the Grail and its Esoteric Significance
The Path to the Resurrection Body

IV. The Cross on Golgotha and the World Tree
The Awakening of Lazarus

V. The Appearance of the Dead in the Gospel of St. Matthew

VI. The Cosmic Destiny of Evil
Eternal Goodness and the Objective Limits of Evil
The Second Mystery of Golgotha and the Knowledge of Evil
The Fourfold Nature of Evil and the Paths towards its Overcoming
followed by Paul, John and Rudolf Steiner

VII. The Fifth Gospel and the Present Knowledge of Christ
Rudolf Steiner and the Influence of the Nathan Soul

Appendix. Responses to Questions raised regarding the Book
The Mystery of the Resurrection in the Light of Anthroposophy

A Wynstones Press title
576 pages.
24 x 16 cms. 9 x 6 inches.
18 colour illustrations.
ISBN 9780946206773


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