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What Are We Really Eating?

What Are We Really Eating?

Practical Aspects of Nutrition from the Perspective of Spiritual Science
By Otto Wolff.

“Today we are in the middle of the problems that this book warned of when it first came out in 1996. The life forces of people, and especially of young people, are getting ever weaker. One can see this in the meteoric rise of conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, burnt-out syndrome, repeated infections that last a long time, increasing infertility and the weakening of the immune system. People are getting weaker and more prone to disease, not only physically, but also psychologically. Up to 20% of the patients in medical offices are suffering from depressive disorders—and the trend is rising. A general lack of orientation with respect to the meaning of life is spreading.

What can bring life and light to people again? Things that contain life and light. And this also has to do with food, which should be full of these forces.” — Daphné von Boch, MD

Dr. Otto Wolff—known to English-language readers through his home remedies—offers a clear description of the foods we eat and what we should really look for in them.

Scientific investigation of nutrition has led to increasing industrialization of food production. Vast numbers of details are known, but industrial processing is causing the force of food to be progressively lost. This makes people feel unsure about which foods are still healthy today.

Otto Wolff’s aim is to enable consumers to form their own opinion about the food they eat. He takes guidance from the principle stated by Angelus Silesius:

“The bread is not our food; what feeds us in bread is God’s eternal word, is spirit, and is life.”

Dr. Wolff shows that it is not the physical substances as such that feed us, but the force of life in our foods. The knowledge that life is transformed light has been completely lost in modern agriculture. However, viewing food as it is in biodynamic agriculture can help us gain true insight and understanding of food quality.

Table of Contents
Foreword to the Third Edition by Daphné von Boch, MD
Where Does Life Come From?
Raw Food Is “Sun Food”
Can Preservation Maintain Life?
Milk and Milk Processing
Lactic Acid Fermentation
Vitality and Fertility
The Role of Vitamins
Sugar: Energy Source Without Life
The Problem of Food Additives
Understanding Digestive Functions
Baking: Archetype of Human Activity on Earth
The Problem of Using Yeast in Baking
Meat or Vegetarian?
Eggs: Concentrated Life
The Various Fats and Their Effects
The Cholesterol Problem
Future Prospects

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