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Trusting in Spirit - The Challenge

Trusting in Spirit - The Challenge

Trusting in Spirit - The Challenge
by Dr. Bob Woodward

In this unique book Spirit Guides are invited to communicate to us teachings which they consider relevant and important at this time. However, the author also questions and challenges what the Guides have to say, instead of just acquiescing to their messages. The book is intended to help awaken people to the reality that they each have Spirit Guides who are more than willing to be of help and service to them. However, since they always respect our free will, they depend on us taking the initiative to get to know them. This is precisely the challenge of learning to trust in Spirit and in our own potential abilities.

I can honestly say that when I read the manuscript I was amazed at its power to inspire and heal. As you read this book your spirit guide will be close and help you understand the teachings that are relevant to you.
Anne Lewis - Spiritual Medium and Healer.

You are only limited in your abilities by your own set beliefs and expectations. If your beliefs grow and widen, then so do your abilities to contact beings on all different levels.
Philip. The Angel.

Trusting in Spirit - The Challenge has twelve chapters:
1. Introduction. Describes something of the background which has led to the writing of this book.
2. Methodology. Describes how I communicate with Spirit Guides, my state of consciousness, and the development of trust and confidence in this process.
3. The Guides. Gives an introduction to each of the Guides in turn, from what I know, and what they say themselves. Each Guide will take on a Chapter, give 'Teachings', and also participate in a 'Question and Answer' session with me.
4. Joshua. Gives his teachings which serve as a good introduction to the position of Guides and the need for a new outlook, based on a truly spiritual perception of ourselves and the World.
5. Dr John. Gives teachings specifically geared to promoting good health. (Very relevant nowadays when various health issues and lifestyle choices hit the headlines almost daily.) A first mention of 'karma and reincarnation' in the Q&A session with him.
6. Markos. His teachings point to the source of true Wisdom in our own hearts, and he refers to the activities of prayer and meditation. (There is much interest in 'mindfulness meditation' nowadays.)
7. Red Cloud. He talks about us each having a chosen 'mission' in our lives, which we have decided upon before birth. Everything has meaning and purpose in our lives. Spirit Guides can help us if called up.
8. Raja Lampa. He points to Spirit deep within each human soul, and urges us to connect to our true spirit selves, through meditation and contemplation. He says the Spirit World is ready to help us in this.
9. Pierre. Brings in the perspective of the health and well-being of the whole planet. (A very topical concern nowadays.) A new sense of responsibility and respect is needed, and to learn to cooperate with spiritual beings.
10. Pan. Continues the theme of health of the planet, of Mother Earth. Harmony between the different Kingdoms of Nature. We need to learn to cooperate with nature spirits and elemental beings. Human beings as 'custodians' of the Earth.
11. Philip. Speaks from the side of the 'Guardian Angel', which each of us have. All beings on a path of evolution. The universe teems with life and consciousness. We are only limited by our set beliefs and expectations.
12. Reflective Review. I identify some key 'themes' from the various teachings and discuss them.

167 pages.
23 x 15 cms, 9 x 6 inches.
Published in the UK by AuthorHouse, and available through Wynstones Press on behalf of Dr Bob Woodward.

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